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Letter from the Strategic Planning Committee

Founded in 1971, Mission Housing Development Corporation has dedicated over 50 years to advocating for, preserving, and expanding affordable housing in San Francisco’s Mission District. As a community-based organization with a strong internal identity, we focus on developing and preserving affordable housing, creating sustainable and equitable communities for all San Franciscans. 

As we march into the next five years, Mission Housing is poised to tackle the evolving challenges of our industry — from shifting policies affecting our community to the ongoing scarcity of affordable housing in the Mission District and across San Francisco. 

Building on the success of our previous Strategic Plan, which surpassed its goals with the creation of three new affordable housing projects and the addition of over 1,000 units to our portfolio, our executive team recognized the need for new strategic action. 

Under the leadership of Board Chair Irving Gonzales, Executive Director Sam Moss, and Deputy Executive Director Marcia Contreras, and in partnership with Lyons-Newman Consulting, we engaged in a series of intensive workshops and audits. These sessions reviewed pivotal milestones, helping us realign our mission, values, and vision while establishing a robust strategic framework to guide our growth and impact. 

The Strategic Planning committee regularly steered this process, focusing on key areas like financial goals, core competencies, and expansion. 

Throughout this process, our commitment to affordable housing remained unwavering. We reaffirmed our dedication to "equity" as a central tenet of our mission and recognized the importance of scaling our affordable housing solutions. We also revised our mission statement to emphasize our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our current housing portfolio and expanding our reach to the city's west side. 

Through rigorous review and collaboration, we identified five clear priorities accompanied by corresponding goals and the strategies to fulfill them. All five priorities are rooted in Mission Housing's historical values yet attuned to the contemporary realities of our operating environment.

With this Strategic Plan, Mission Housing re-dedicates itself to growth and resilience. Strategic decisions are aimed at leveraging our assets, empowering our dedicated staff to drive progress, and soaring confidently with knowledge, trust, and experience. 

Under the continued leadership of Sam Moss and Marcia Contreras, we embark on a journey of revitalization and strategic growth. The executive team’s commitment to laying the groundwork for powerful initiatives is aimed at strengthening our relationships with our communities as well as with San Francisco's policymakers and thought leaders, setting the stage for our next phase of growth and impact. 

With the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, we draw inspiration from our legacy of service and are driven by a collective vision for a more equitable and inclusive San Francisco. With determination, we stand ready to navigate the challenges ahead and unlock new opportunities for affordable housing development and preservation in the Mission District and beyond. 

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