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Celebrating 50 years of housing, community and legacy at Built in the Mission

50 years never looked so good. In October of 2022, Mission Housing finally got its chance to

celebrate its 50th anniversary with the community. The event titled “Built in the Mission” raised more than $400,000 for the organization’s operations and resident services.

“It was a long time coming,” said Executive Director Sam Moss. “Covid-19 forced us to postpone our celebration a couple of times, but we were resilient in our desire to safely celebrate 50 years of housing, community and legacy with the people who got us here.”

Mission Housing celebrated its 50th anniversary in La Fenix at 1950’s Zocalo. 1950 Mission’s history for organizing and community gathering made it the perfect backdrop for the all-day celebration. The festivities included two live music sets by Mambo Street, speeches from affordable housing advocates, the Quezada “Spirit of a Fenix” awards and a dance performance by Fogo Na Roupa.


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