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Influence local and state affordable housing policy and funding sources

Goal 1: Be a leader in the effort to secure a regularly recurring Bay Area-wide housing bond in California’s general obligation bond cycle that the entire affordable housing industry can depend upon for future projects.

Goal 2: Mission Housing leadership and staff are regularly invited to participate as experts in discussions to design and influence affordable housing policy locally and at the state level.


● Partner with the local and state Department of Public Health and Health and Human Services Agency to secure mental health resources associated with affordable housing developments

● Develop our state presence, including physical representation in Sacramento

● Increase our presence and partnership with the California Housing and Community Development Department, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California Debt Limit Allocation Committee, the California Housing Finance Agency, the Bay Area Housing Finance Agency, and other funding agencies and financial vehicles

● Develop a roadmap with objective criteria for our public policy stance, recognizing that there will be trade-offs, and what issues we will support at the local and state level, including what we say no to, especially locally

● Hire a policy director who advocates for and organizes the implementation of our public policy stance

● Publicly initiate support for policies that benefit the affordable housing field and solidify Mission Housing’s leadership position in local policy (i.e., zoning, public awareness, education, and adoption) and state policy discussions

● Build relationships and establish partnerships that ensure Mission Housing is “in the room” for important policy discussions and decision-making

● Communicate Mission Housing’s expertise and credibility as housing developers and service providers to influence policy and decision makers


Success Indicators:

● Staff are asked to participate on a steering committee for regional housing bond developments

● Staff are invited to join and participate on NPH policy advisory committees

● Staff are invited to join and participate on policy development commissions

● Mission Housing has a defined policy stance

● Mission Housing has a policy department

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