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Recruit, develop, and retain talent
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Goal 1: Staff have and apply the training and resources needed to excel in their affordable housing careers at Mission Housing.


Goal 2: Mission Housing is sufficiently staffed at all levels and has a director for each department.

Goal 3: We attract and retain talent at all career levels who develop, engage, and grow at Mission Housing in our strong culture.


● Create a “core competencies” document that provides every staff member with institutional knowledge about the affordable housing industry

● Research what trainings are done by other affordable housing developers, how often trainings are conducted, and what technology is used, and implement these trainings and technology as applicable

● Design a training curriculum and schedule for staff that is specific to each department but also focuses on interdepartmental cooperation and teamwork

● Implement collaborative decision-making and transparency within the boundaries of our leadership structure, meeting regularly to discuss decisions that are being made, share information, and encourage staff participation

● Promote inclusivity by collaboratively engaging with staff in alignment with our values / diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility principles

● Define Mission Housing’s company culture and norms collaboratively with staff

● Conduct a biannual survey of staff

● Continue our hybrid work environment while regularly assessing its effectiveness and continuing to have key staff gatherings in person

● Review employee engagement strategies used by other nonprofits and developers and implement as applicable

● Establish a pipeline of talent through outreach to local universities and collaborate with at least one local university program (e.g., collaboration with a developer master’s program)

● Use competitive hiring practices and provide recognition for employee engagement, ensuring Mission Housing’s Operations Team and Department Directors are educated about similar practices at peer organizations

● Develop an internal employee marketing strategy

● Build our human resources infrastructure and procedures, including a streamlined and structured onboarding process, position architecture and growth paths for roles, transition documents, and other tools and processes

● Create succession and transition plans for leadership positions


Success Indicators:

● Mission Housing is an employer of choice in the affordable housing field

● Mission Housing staff have the expertise to be recognized as affordable housing thought leaders

● Staff report enthusiasm for their work

● Staff have completed trainings and apply what they have learned to their work

● Mission Housing reduces the number of billable hours needed from consultants to complete our work

● There is a year-over-year reduction in vacancies

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