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To the first settlers of these lands, the hummingbird or colibri is a powerful ...


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It's the dawn of a new era

To the first settlers of these lands, the hummingbird or colibri is a powerful symbol of strength, endurance and resilience. In other depictions, the colibri is a messenger of joy, flying from flower to flower whispering a message of gratitude and beauty. It can represent love. The colibri is also an arduous protector of its people. 

And yet in other places still, the colibri is a symbol of renewal, a representation of healing and the restoration of balance. 

For our 53rd anniversary, Mission Housing Development Corporation welcomes the dawn of a new era and rides the wings of the colibri to carry our renewed mission westward. We ask the colibri to help us spread our message, our new vision of vibrant communities where everyone has secure, affordable, and sustainable housing to the rest of San Francisco.   

Despite the flight that lies before us, La Mision keeps us grounded. We were born here. Risen like the phoenix here. We’ve built a legacy here.  

We are rooted in the Mission and more so than any other time in our history, the rich soil of this neighborhood sustains the more than half-century of marvels we’ve built for the people of our communities.  

And the one that is to come. 

So we ask that you join us atop our colibri on September 19, 2024 as we reflect on sunsets past and celebrate the hopeful sunrise before us at “Dawn of a Mission Renewed” — our 53rd anniversary gala celebration.  

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