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A nonprofit, community-based organization creating and preserving high-quality affordable housing, and providing supportive services for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and throughout San Francisco.

Mission Housing Development Corporation develops high-quality, well-managed, affordable, sustainable homes and communities that promote the self-sufficiency of low and moderate income families, seniors, and persons with diverse needs.

Since 1971, Mission Housing Development Corporation has provided affordable housing options to residents of San Francisco. Now, Mission Housing is one of the largest nonprofit housing organizations in San Francisco, owning or managing 35 buildings. The organization currently serves some 3,000 residents in 1,600 units. 1,000 additional 100 percent affordable rental units are being developed.


The Mission Coalition Organization, formed in 1968, brought together more than 100 different organizations to address concerns of Mission District residents and businesses. Through MCO’s organizing efforts, the Mission District was declared a Model Cities area for community development, enabling the neighborhood to develop a solid program of better housing, social services, education, health care, and economic development. One product of the coalition was the creation of Mission Housing Development Corporation.

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Our history is rooted in the advocacy, preservation, and growth of affordable housing development in San Francisco’s Mission district. As a community-based organization with a strong internal identity, we focus on developing and preserving affordable housing that is sustainable for all San Franciscans.

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Community – Mission Housing Development Corporation believes in “people first” respecting and building community with our residents and staff— the Mission Housing Development Corporation family.

We believe in building relationships and collaborating with our community and city partners to advocate for equitable solutions to affordable housing.

Leadership – Mission Housing Development Corporation is a leading and influential voice in the development of affordable housing in the Mission District and in San Francisco. We continue to be pioneers and innovators in affordable housing. The decisions we make are well thought out and we are accountable for the outcomes.

Integrity – We use Mission Housing Development Corporation’s mission as our decision-making compass. We are intentional in the programmatic, operational and policy decisions we make. We do what’s right because that’s the right thing to do. We are transparent about how we operate as an organization and base our decisions on what is best for Mission Housing Development Corporation, our residents and the community.

Mission-Driven – We stay true to our core mission in everything we do. Mission Housing Development Corporation builds and preserves affordable housing for the diverse population of San Franciscans who work hard to build a life in this city.

Quality – Developments by Mission Housing Development Corporation are well-designed, sustainable and built to endure beyond current generations. They are maintained to be preserved as an asset to the community. We partner with professionals who uphold high standards and pay prevailing wages and benefits to employees enabling them to support their families and the local economy.

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