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A nonprofit, community-based organization creating and preserving high-quality affordable housing, and providing supportive services for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and throughout San Francisco.


Caritas Management Corporation was created in 1982 as an independent, for-profit subsidiary of Mission Housing Development Corporation. Caritas provides professional property management and other services to Mission Housing developments as well as to other non-profit clients.

Caritas Management Corporation is a homegrown, neighborhood-based company with its roots firmly embedded in the Mission Housing Development Corporation philosophy and vision of fostering healthy residential communities. Caritas takes great pride in recruiting skilled employees from our resident base and the Mission community. Team members identify with Caritas’ history and philosophy, thrive in a team setting and uphold Caritas’ exemplary standards of performance.

The current portfolio includes:

• Alcantara Court
• Abel Gonzalez Apartments
• Crocker Amazon Senior Apartments
• Gran Oriente Filipino Hotel
• Apollo Hotel
• Altamont Hotel
• Hotel Madrid
• The Park View
• Bayview Commons Apartments
• Rich Sorro Commons
• Juan Pifarré Plaza
• Good Samaritan Apartments
• Plaza del Sol
• Del Carlo Court Apartments
• Maria Alicia Apartments
• Dunleavy Plaza
• Mariposa Gardens

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FPI Management corporate culture is grounded in HEART — Humility, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.

These values have been the hallmark of the continued success for FPI Management since 1968.

FPI Management has learned the lesson well, that success is achieved collectively and not individually. We acknowledge that there is a greater power that moves within the Company. It is embraced by an enthusiastic spirit, with its employees, clients, residents, vendors and business affiliates.

The current portfolio includes:

• Betel Apartments
• Colosimo Apartments
• Apartmentos de la Esperanza
• 1637 15th Street
• 2945 16th Street
• 2943 & 2947 16th Street
• 3434 18th Street
• 3025-3029 23rd Street
• 3019-3021 23rd Street
• 2782-2786 24th Street
• 3250-3254 24th Street
• 890-896 Capp Street
• 2800 Bryant Street
• 2806-2818 Bryant Street
• 426-440 Lily Street
• 70-74 Moss Street

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The John Stewart Company began in 1978 with a commitment to providing high quality management for affordable housing in the Bay Area. Today, John Stewart Company is a full-service housing management, development, and consulting organization employing more than 1,300 people state-wide. According to the National Affordable Housing Management Association’s 2013 report, John Stewart Company was the largest affordable housing provider in California, and ranked 6th nationwide.

The staff at The John Stewart Company is as multi-faceted as the populations they serve. The staff has received the Excellence in the Workplace award from the State of California, for the promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity. The staff at The John Stewart Company have backgrounds spanning professions such as real estate, finance, education, sociology, land use planning, public policy, architecture, engineering, construction, accounting and communication.


The diversity of experience, together with a commitment to providing service- oriented housing, exemplifies the unique perspective and breadth of services The John Stewart Company brings to every client.

The current portfolio includes:

• Valencia Gardens

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