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The Tenant Empowerment Program is helping build community and center resident leadership in our work at Valencia Gardens.  

Because of the Tenant Empowerment program, Mission Housing residents have access to monthly leadership trainings that strengthen skills on topics ranging from non-violent communication and self-defense to financial literacy and the deeper roots of the housing crisis. 


Our onsite organizer intentionally prioritizes resident ideas, input, and leadership in the programming we offer, partnering with residents on community building events like this summer’s Community BBQ and our bi-monthly art nights.  


We understand that community building and leadership are meaningless if not all residents can understand what’s being said and participate, so we prioritize having interpretation services at every community meeting and tenant empowerment event.

At its core, this work is about a culture shift — making changes both big and small to create a Valencia Gardens where residents feel more connected and empowered.

Monthly Leadership Training Topics

  • Financial Literacy

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Know Your Ballot

  • Supporting Children’s Development (Parenting Workshop)

  • Stress Management & Self-Care

  • Understanding the Housing Crisis

  • Gentrification in San Francisco

  • Self-Defense

Have a suggestion for the Tenant Empowerment Department? 


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