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A nonprofit, community-based organization creating and preserving high-quality affordable housing, and providing supportive services for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and throughout San Francisco.

All of the people living in the buildings of Mission Housing Development Corporation are defined as low- to moderate-income, and many face significant challenges and difficult circumstances.

The Covid-19 pandemic has only heightened that difficulty for our residents and those of us who take pride in providing support to them.

And yet every day, the team of Resident Services Coordinators at Mission Housing has worked tirelessly to provide one-on-one case management, and make quality-of-life enhancements available to more than 3,000 people residing in Mission Housing buildings.

Your contribution during the fall fundraiser will help Mission Housing continue our efforts.

During Covid-19, Mission Housing has:

• Created online resource guide for Mission Housing residents as well as worked with the Latino Task Force to create its resource website

• Launched "Stay Connected" campaign to survey the needs of our residents

• Provided educational materials to our residents for best health and safety practices

• Worked with property management to create new safety and health standards

• Continued our food pantry service with enhanced safety protocols

• Created new partnerships with organizations to provide meal delivery services to our residents

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