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A Letter to Mission Housing Supporters

Sam  Moss, Executive Director and Marcia Contreras, Deputy Executive Director

Dear Mission Housing Supporters,

If we had to describe the year 2022 in a word we’d choose renewal.

Not long ago, our communities were reeling from the effects of the pandemic. And while Mission Housing remained resolute during these dark times, we knew the residual scar tissue left behind by Covid-19 was inevitable.

So Mission Housing prepared, as best we could, to help our 3,300-plus tenants and the communities surrounding our 40-plus buildings — remaining hopeful for us all and knowing the night is always darkest before dawn. We relied heavily on our staff, the most passionate and dedicated in the industry, to provide the stabilizing tools our residents needed to persevere during this unprecedented time. And from the darkness of the pandemic, Mission Housing rose like the sun with a renewed focus. A renewed energy and spirit.

We rose to a Mission renewed.

Mission Housing’s 2022 Impact Report highlights the best of our work during this renewal period. Within this report, you will read about the developments, programs and services that helped our communities dust themselves off and rise again.

2022 also marked the end of the five-year period laid out in 2017’s Strategic Plan. As an executive team, we’re happy to report that Mission Housing fulfilled the promises and goals laid out in that plan.

Mission Housing set out to explore and seize new opportunities. In five years, Mission Housing won six affordable housing developments in San Francisco. We sought to develop and preserve new and existing housing. In five years, Mission Housing invested millions of dollars — the majority of which came from Mission Housing’s own funds — to rehabilitate and upgrade more than a dozen sites. A goal in the 2017 Strategic Plan was to re-establish relationships and partnerships with peers. Mission Housing is extremely proud to say we’ve fulfilled this promise. It is through the re-establishment of these relationships that Mission Housing greatly expanded its service programs for residents and our surrounding communities. Mission Housing set out to shore up its finances and today our financial stability is the best it’s been in decades.

Lastly, we sought to enhance our staff and Board of Directors. In 2022, Mission Housing’s staff is almost three-dozen people strong with diversity throughout its employees and Board to better serve our communities.

We acknowledge we wouldn’t have made it through this trying time without all of you, affordable housing supporters. You continue to inspire our work. Our “why” remains resolute — each and every member of the Mission Housing team rises out of bed every morning to create and preserve affordable housing in our beautiful city while stabilizing the lives of thousands who call Mission Housing “home.”

We thank you for your renewed confidence and faith in our mission.


Sam Moss & Marcia Contreras


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