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Mission Housing celebrates forty years of affordable housing in Potrero District

group of staff members
Photo Credit: MV Portraits


Forty years ago, Mission Housing Development Corporation planted a seed of hope in the middle of San Francisco’s Mission District and Potrero Hill. Mariposa Gardens – an affordable housing family complex on 2445 Mariposa Street offers two- and three-bedroom units to low-income families.

On Thursday, November 30, the affordable housing pioneers celebrated the impact the building has made on many lives – some of whom have lived there since the initial lease-up.

The project was supported by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development four decades ago and was recently rehabilitated in an active effort to preserve one of the community's oldest affordable housing buildings.

“I’m beyond proud of the work Mission Housing and its Partners have done to preserve this site,” said Misson Housing Executive Director, Sam Moss. “Our hope is that the recent renovations created an opportunity for another forty-years of community and growth in this district.

Mission Housing had the help of its partners Saida + Sullivan Design Partners, ZFA Structural Engineers, and Steelhead Engineers in 2019. 

About Mission Housing

Mission Housing Development Corporation is a private non-profit housing developer founded in 1971. Mission Housing develops high-quality, well-managed, affordable, sustainable communities that promote the self-sufficiency of low- and moderate-income families, seniors, and persons with diverse needs. We offer technical assistance to service providers to help them develop affordable housing that meets the needs of special populations with a comprehensive vision of community. We own approximately 44 affordable housing buildings serving over 3,300 residents with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in San Francisco.

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