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Colosimo Apartments — maximizing available urban space to build housinG


3290 25th St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Residential Population
Family Rental

Number of Units
11 two-bedroom apartments

Property Management

FPI Property Management


Constructed in 1982 on a Mission District in-fill site, the Colosimo Apartments provide eleven spacious and affordable apartments for very low-income families. Maximizing land parcels that are unattractive to many private developers serves an important function for the mixed residential/commercial neighborhood.

The original construction contractor was West Coast Gold; the architect was Redstone & Ottoman, Inc.

Colosimo Apartments undergo renovation

The entire Colosimo Apartments complex was completely refurbished in 2015, as part of the Esperanza-Colosimo Preservation Project. Residents were relocated and their furnishings put in storage as construction crews moved from building-to-building. Units were gutted down to the frame and modernized with new appliances, woodworking, flooring and ventilation. Asbestos mitigation was performed, and upgrades to energy, lighting, insulation and water efficiency were made. Improvements were also made to the exterior, common areas and the garage.

BASIS Architecture & Consulting designed the refurb. Nibbi Brothers General Contractors was in charge of the 100% union construction job. The rehab was accomplished with zero public funds.

Remodeled to trusted environmental standards

Mission Housing is always committed to go above and beyond code and funding requirements to deliver a green, efficient building to our residents.

In addition to the efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality benefits, Mission Housing also had the refurb certified under California’s GreenPoint Rated program. Third party verification of all construction materials and practices is required to accomplish a GreenPoint Rating.

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