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One Community. One Beat. One Heart.

Mission Housing development in San Francisco, CA - district 11.

Mission Housing’s latest development made huge construction strides in 2022.

Kapuso at the Upper Yard, the development adjacent to the Balboa Park BART Station in San Francisco’s District 11, is near completion. The building, in co-development with Related California, is 131 units of affordable housing. It’s the first of its kind in the district in almost two decades.

The development received its name in 2022. “Kapuso” is rooted in the Tagalog language. It translates to “one heart” — with “puso” being the word for heart in Tagalog and the prefix “Ka” symbolizing a unification of multiple things into one.

“It is amazing to see Kapuso rising,” said Sam Moss, Executive Director at Mission Housing. “It is not just another affordable housing building. Kapuso is a testament to what happens when the community stakeholders come together to fight for affordable housing. We’re grateful to these community warriors and our political allies who rallied to create this transcendent development.”

Kapuso at the Upper Yard is slated for its grand opening in the summer of 2023.


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