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Organize and educate our community
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Goal 1: Community members in the Mission District understand our mission, our services, and the ways we serve our residents in the Mission and communities across San Francisco.

Goal 2: We honor and build relationships with the communities and cultures of different San Francisco neighborhoods, and the communities in different San Francisco neighborhoods are familiar with and recognize the value of Mission Housing.


● Provide quality resident and community services

● Ensure our buildings are well maintained, well cared for, and help foster a sense of pride among residents

● Coordinate widespread community engagement in our programs and services

● Promote cross-collaboration with community-based organizations and attend community events each quarter

● Reassure our Mission community that we will always be rooted here

● Proactively educate the community about the work we do and what it takes to provide affordable housing

● Educate our partners to trust and understand the financial and development-based realities and limitations of building and preserving affordable housing

● Connect with our roots and community in the Mission District while branching out to build a presence in other parts of San Francisco

● Conduct an awareness campaign about Mission Housing’s work that aligns with our communications plan, including a plan for whom we most want to reach and what we want to teach

● Educate all Mission Housing staff about our roots in the Mission neighborhood in order to achieve a core competency and ability to relay this historical information to whomever may benefit from it

● Educate our partners so that they recognize the diversity of the people we serve, the need to be inclusive, and the need to support the diversity of the communities we serve

● Hold regular focus groups and distribute community surveys among our residents to gather their feedback and learn about their needs

● Hire a community engagement coordinator


Success Indicators:

● Resident testimonies indicate that they know what we do and they value our organization

● All Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspections have scores above 80

● We have built successful partnerships that help develop connections outside of our community

● We are met with less resistance as we implement our own new programming and other programs in partnership with other community-based organizations

● We have hired a community engagement coordinator

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