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Mission Housing adds 5 ‘New Map’ buildings to portfolio

Photo of Mission Housing development on The Great Highway

A new day is here for Mission Housing’s Scattered Sites. In 2022, the San Francisco Housing Authority and Mission Housing completed an exchange of five buildings to add to the organization’s Scattered Sites portfolio.

The five sites, spread across San Francisco, underwent successful relocations of tenants while Mission Housing completed rehabilitations of the sites.

In all, 69 units were added to the Mission Housing portfolio. “I cannot stress enough how incredibly proud we are of the Mission Housing staff,” said Sam Moss, Executive Director at

Mission Housing. “This was a large undertaking and our organization delivered at a high level — from community engagement to construction to relocation. These once-forgotten, overlooked and ignored buildings have a new life.”

“I’m excited for the tenants,” said Marcia Contreras, Deputy Executive Director at Mission Housing. “They can come home to a unit that they’re proud of. I’m proud of how our staff delivered for these tenants.”

The buildings located in the Castro, Outer Sunset, Western Addition, and Oceanview, are some of the last that remained under the ownership of the San Francisco Housing Authority.

The project costs roughly $43.5 million. Funding comes from a variety of state and local sources including the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, Merritt Community Capital Corporation and Western Alliance Bank. Guzman Construction Group and AmOne Corp. were the lead contractor for this project with


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