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Preservation and transcendent projects finalized


Home to 20 families and two commercial tenants, Maria Alicia Apartments is the success of Mission Housing partnering with the right teams. The new courtyard was completed by Plant Construction, G7A | Architecture + Urban, BASE Landscape Architects Association, ACG Engineers, MHC Engineers and Walter P Moore.

The PV panels and new roof were completed by ZFA and Sun, Light & Power. The 1989 building’s eight-month rehabilitation was completed in November of 2022 and is a testament to the power of preservation efforts made by Mission Housing.

South Park Scattered Sites

LDP Architecture and The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) helped Mission Housing make 2022 a year of substantial advancement on a $60 million rehabilitation — known as the South Park Scattered Sites. There are three single room occupancy hotels in this 108-unit project — Gran Oriente, Hotel Madrid and Park View Hotel. All of these SROs serve as housing for former unhoused community members.

3434 18TH STREET

Three Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) made the perfect additions to a three-story, eight-unit affordable housing building that was built in 1924 on 18th street. The $4.5 million project was completed in eight months and included new amenities for the units and a complete transformation to an all-electric footprint. The Mission Housing team saw a wonderful opportunity to preserve and stabilize and did just that.


A 2022 tri-party agreement secured over sixty-emergency housing units, in a $7 million project, for unhoused adults — ages 18 to 23. With the help of Larkin Street Youth Services providing services, Dolores Street Community Services managing the project, and Mission Housing completing the soft rehabilitation, The Mission Inn and Casa Esperanza projects successfully completed phase one.


The Apollo Hotel, built in 1908, underwent a strategic $4 million construction rehabilitation. Major upgrades to the building were focused on life-safety, improved building-efficiency and weatherization. The elevator received a full-modernization and a new modern fire-alarm panel that was installed in tandem with low-frequency alarm sounders added in the units. The tenants are enjoying the benefits of the newly renovated community room, bathrooms and kitchens with ADA upgrades, high-efficiency fixtures, low-zone humidity-controlled exhaust fans and hand-dryers. In addition, new water boilers were installed and water-proofed west facade, windows and partial roof replacements.

D+H Contractors and HA Architects were great team members in helping Mission Housing navigate through the renovation of a wonderfully historic building.


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