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Youth Art Exchange finds home with Mission Housing

YAX artist in action at Mission Housing building, La Fenix

La Fénix at 1950 is a place where imagination meets fruition. The affordable housing building, built by Mission Housing, houses 157 families in the nine-story masterpiece. 

As of August 2022, the ground floor is also home to The Youth Art Exchange.  

“This felt like a great symbiotic partnership where we also get to serve the youth directly from a 150-unit building of affordable housing,” said Raffaella Falchi Macías, Executive Director of the Youth Art Exchange and a Mission native. 

The nonprofit, youth arts education program makes art accessible through cultural programming that also stewards a safe space for self-expression through multiple mediums. With hopes to expand the services offered in 2023, the Youth Art Exchange has partnered with the right developer.

“This is not just about skill-forming, this program helps form (children) as a whole individual,” Macias said.

“Mission Housing is thrilled to play such an integral role in the future of such a vital organization,” said Sam Moss, Executive Director at Mission Housing. “We look forward to fostering a deep -seeded partnership with the organization at other locations in the future.” 


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